Entry #1

Hey guy :)

2013-02-22 19:01:55 by Adovion

Thanks very much for all you're kind words. Appreciate them very much. I'm just making this post to say hey. I'm currently working on big things (right now a flash game) and I'll be uploading them in all due time. Thanks again for the comments guy :)


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2013-02-22 19:36:46

I wanted to write a cruel, asshole-ish comment but you make such awesome things that i just want to break all my drawing mediums and wheep in a corner
Damn you talented person! Damn you!

Adovion responds:

Dude, i was there before. I still think am i now. I'm sorry you feel that way but saying things like that isn't going to make yourself better. You make yourself better. Fact!


2013-02-23 10:42:35

Haha I know :P